Stop Chihuahua Barking

It is beneficial for the master if his dog would bark at someone it doesn’t recognize. Barking itself has many benefits. However, excessive barking can become really annoying. Chihuahuas have the tendency to bark at anything depending on its mood. This now becomes irritating especially when you are doing something else. Worry not because here are some of the best practices to stop chihuahua barking.

  • First step is to figure out the reason why your pet is barking excessively. There is a big possibility that the dog’s excessive barking is due to inadequate confinement. The dog usually barks excessively if it is not comfortable with its crate. If so, do something to improve the dog house. It will greatly reduce its excessive barking.
  • Noises around the surroundings can be another reason. Changing the spot of the cage or dog house can be a possible solution. The dog is really sensitive to any sound that it hears. Helping it get used to the sound is another option.
  • You also have to take not that chihuahuas are moody and has temper. Excessive barking can also be due to its temper. It would be beneficial if use behavior modification steps in disciplining your dog. Positive reinforcements such as dog treats are always a great help in training your chihuahua to stop barking.
  • There are devices, nowadays, that would greatly help you to stop chihuahua barking. Such devices can be controlled by the owner or triggered by the dog. An example of which is the Barker Breaker – it emits a high frequency sound which aims to stop chihuahua barking. This can be used on any type of dog breeds as well.
  • Remember not to shout at your chihuahua. This will just encourage them to bark more. This is due to their natural response to loud noises. It will just encourage them to bark even more.
  • If you would use punishment, use it every time your dog barks excessively. This will help them associate the punishment to their excessive barking. Do not just use punishment, use positive reinforcement as well. Every time the dog stops barking, give it a treat.
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    Chihuahua Barking

  • Always bear in mind that chihuahuas are creatures of habit. If your treat them when they stop barking and punish them when they do, they will easily get used to it and this would naturally reduce their annoying excessive barks.
  • Do not overdo this, because dog barking is still beneficial for you as the master.

In order for you to be successful, always learn to be patient. Learn to observe your dog’s behavior in order to fully understand its misbehaviors. This is the key to solving this annoying problem – to stop chihuahua barking.