Potty Training a Chihuahua

Dog lovers would claim that the most luxurious canine breeds in the world are the chihuahua. These small and cute looking dogs are naturally charming due to their size and uniqueness. Most dog lovers are obsessed with them because they are adorable, charming, playful and intelligent. However, the disadvantage that this little cuties have is the fact that they have small bladders and because of such they urinate and defecate frequently.
An 8 week old chihuahua frequently poops in every 2 hours. Thinking about this might just burn you out. So it is really important to train your little chihuahua as soon as possible. The younger your pet is the better it is for you. On top of that, there is good news, this is absolutely easy to handle. Here are some tips in potty training a chihuahua.

  • We all know that this breed is really smart. Teaching them at a young age will be to your advantage. The younger they are the lesser bad habits they have. Make them comfortable with the area first. Taking them outside more often during their potty time will be a good start. If you’re training them in doors then bring them to a designated specific area in your house.
  • Observe your chihuahua’s potty habit. The time by which they regularly poop would differ upon their age and personality. It would be helpful for you if you give time to observe your chihuahua. Potty training a chihuahua requires absolute patience.
  • This brings us to setting up a schedule. After observing your pet, make sure that you make them follow a schedule. This will train them to follow the set of activities that the dog has to do. It will greatly save you more of your free time.
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    Chihuahua Potty Training

  • Use positive reinforcements. These dogs are fond of treats. Giving them dog treats every time they poop in the designated area would greatly increase the speed of learning and would shorten your unhappy moments of cleaning their poop.
  • Use commands such as “go potty” or whatever suits you best. Using such words every time your dog is about to go potty is a good thing for them to remember. This will help your pet to follow the schedule.
  • Do not use violence or negative reinforcements. This will just create fear between the master and the pet. You do not want this because this will destroy the essence of bringing up a pet. It would be better to use positive reinforcements for it will bring you to a closer bond with your pet. This will also make potty training a chihuahua easier.

Always remember that a loving attitude and patience is the biggest requirement not just in potty training a chihuahua but in bringing up a pet as a whole.