How To Train Chihuahua

You tend to get mad at your Chihuahua ever time they don’t do what you wanted them to do. You keep doing that and one day your Chis will teach you to back off a little bit because you are doing it all wrong. Chihuahuas are curious type of dogs and are intelligent as well. That is why people love to train them to do things. Learning how train Chihuahua is a degree one must be able to yield.

All you need to do is train yourself to have great amount of courage, to adjust to them whenever they don’t follow your orders. Secondly great amount of patients, as most of the time they find it boring, what you are training them and so resolves to other fun activities. And plenty of treats for your pet while you train them. These are the secrets which you need to master if you want to succeed in training your little Manchita.

You Chi wanted to go out as much as you like to breathe fresh are. They will give you signs of what they wanted to do and it will be up to you to figure out what they wanted to do. Sometimes they try to scratch the door giving an impression that they are opening it. At times they cuddle around with your pants and sometimes create a sad squeak.

How do train Chihuahua outside? Well, making them run wild is essential to make their learning even more fun. Most Chihuahuas that are encouraged to go outside are more likely to cooperate effectively in the activities and trainings that you introduce to them. But take note that as little as they are, they are extra sensitive to climate conditions. Make sure that you don’t go out on days with weather that are not ideal for outdoor activities.

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How To Train Chihuahua
Even if you take them indoor make sure that every activity you make is fun. The moment he notice that he is more likely working than having fun, he will bust you up and turn the tables around, leaving you to follow him everywhere instead. Manage to make a 30mins routine at most everyday and do not train them when you are tired, or not in good mood to do so.

Chis are inquisitive type of dogs and that learning new things is what they like most. They like to please those that are living with them.  When you learn how to train Chihuahua always have a hand full of treats with you. Give him a mouth full of food every time he does something good for you. This will encourage him to cooperate and give him the idea that doing this and that is being rewarded accordingly.

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