Chihuahua Training Tips

Chihuahua Training TipsDo you see yourself all stressed from everyday’s work and you seem all worked up you don’t have time to unwind? Well, having a Chihuahua at your place might help do the trick. Studies shows that having a pet inside the house smoothens the mood of the people around their pets. And Chihuahua’s are tiny looking dogs that are exciting to take care and challenging as well. No one else will train the pets except their masters. That is why this Chihuahua training tips will be very helpful that would surely make your chi a smart dog.

Below are some of the tips on how to teach your Chihuahua where to pot and when to tend on them when they needed it the most.

  1. When you are training your pet always use a single command for him to follow every time he poops or pee. Example is “go outside” or “pee there”. It is best to call him with your desired name as well.
  2. Training your Chihuahua to do his thing all the time at exactly the same spot. So the next time you cannot attend to him, he will know the right place to eliminate. And remember do not over react or harm your pet whenever he does commit mistakes. Ignore it and clean up the mess and train him even further.
  3. Have your Chihuahua a good crate. Make sure that your chi gets enough space for him to move but do not make it too big for him to pee on one corner of the crate. Dogs do not soil or pee on their sleeping place so they would do it on the other side of the crate. You need to wake up early as your pet won’t wait for you to open the crate, although they could hold it for a couple of minute. It is important that you open it for them. that is, if you want to get your things right when training Chihuahua.
  4. Tell tailing of your chi might be a signal that he wanted to do his thing or at times he will bark or bite you to get that attention. Always be extra sensitive to your dog’s needs. Especially when you are still training a puppy Chihuahua, walk them out often because they do a lot of pooping and urinating because they have small bladders after all.
  5. Even pets wanted to have an easy time or a quality time to relax. Lead them to the spot and make them do their thing before you let them play and after they wake up. So that they will not do it just anywhere whenever they would feel like.

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You probably did not think the things I mentioned to be logically true. But hey, trying this Chihuahua training tips won’t hurt that much! So try to set aside what you usually know and try new things. You might just discover how it can make things easier for you.

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  2. [...] Want to Know More?Click Here For FREE Information On Chihuahua training tips [...]