Chihuahua Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is a condition that your pets have when you leave them alone at home. This problem usually makes them do such destructive behaviors such as munching on anything that they can chew on; carpets, books, rags, etc. They also tend to bark nonstop. This condition is due to the dog’s social nature. They are afraid of being alone thus it results to your Chi panicking and would eventually cause them to tear up everything they see, a way to relieve the stress.
A chihuahua separation anxiety is easy to handle. Like any other breed of dogs, this can be reduced as well. What is important is that we should learn to understand why this happens and the real cause of this condition.

This problem usually begins, for some chihuahuas on the day of their adoption. However, often times this condition is developed due to the most owners’ habits before they leave the pet. Most owners would usually tell their pet’s that their leaving and leaves those empathetic message such “be a good boy, your mama’s leaving, ok?” This usually leaves the dog thinking about what if the owner doesn’t come back? What if the she’ll be left alone? This begins the anxiety and is usually the cause of the Chihuahua separation anxiety.

Prevention is always better than cure. Thus the best way to prevent a chihuahua separation anxiety is to make leaving and coming home at a low key. Do this; ignore your chihuahua for ten to fifteen minutes before leaving and coming home. This is the best way to train them and reduce their separation anxiety condition.

How about the dogs that already have separation anxiety condition? The approach on this would now be slightly different. Treating the dogs with this condition is not that hard though. You will just have to remember the things that you must do and the things that you mustn’t do.

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Chihuahua Separation Anxiety
Things you mustn’t do:

  • If ever he destroyed almost everything at home, do not punish your dog. Doing that will just worsen things. It will make the chihuahua become afraid every time you leave as well as every time you come home.
  • Don’t think that your dog had fun tearing things, it is miserable.

Things you must do: Leave your dogs some of its favorite toys.

  • Turn on the radio
  • Do not give him any attention for about ten minutes before you leave. Gradually increase the time in order to train him. This would surely alleviate the condition. A chihuahua separation anxiety is easy to manage as long as you are willing to help your dog.

Remember, chihuahua separation anxiety is a problem that needs to be handled. Your dog needs help not punishment and only requires you to follow this “Do’s and Don’ts” tips to avoid miscommunication between the both of you.