Chihuahua Scratching

Chihuahua Scratching

When your Chihuahua starts to scratch and bite herself definitely there’s something wrong with her, but don’t get hasty. Chihuahua scratching maybe caused by different factors coming from the environment she lives or the kind of foods or food that she might had accidentally eaten. These and more, is what you are going to learn if you are a Chihuahua lover yourself. You wouldn’t want to risk your family’s health as well. So have to learn the factors why they scratch themselves every now and then.

Did you know that there are two affecting factors that might be affecting your Chihuahua? She might be allergic to certain cosmetic and foreign materials in the air. Like human, your little chi also suffers from allergic reactions, particularly skin allergy. Their body reacts with dust or cosmetic soaps and or shampoos or even very strong scent of flowers or perfume. This causes the itchiness of their scalp and then they start scratching.

Another one external factor as well is flea invasion. Fleas are known parasites of hairy parts of mammals; they suck on the pore for blood and sometimes leave allergic reaction from the bite they have caused. They are the number one cause why your Chihuahua scratches itchy parts of her body and skin. Shampoo your pet with anti flea shampoo. Rinse well the detergent and scrub thoroughly the scalp and corners of her body parts, especially the ears and tails (where fleas hide and gather most of the time).  After giving a bath blow dry her hair if possible, if not have her incubated for 30mins to get be a hundred percent sure fleas are eradicated.

More importantly have it a regular basis flea bath till you no longer observe scratching of your precious Chihuahua. Fleas are tiny and are good in hiding so make sure you do the process thoroughly you might want to apply flea prevention drops (often goes for a month or two of medication to take effect).

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When this problem persists and sometimes your Chihuahua inflicts self damage wounds due to frequent scratching it is best to seek help from the vets. They will provide her antibiotics or drugs to cure the wounds and stop the itching. Although it will suppress the condition, this does not solve the itching problem. It is best to have a chat with your veterinarian on the occasion this problem occurs again.

More than 20 percent of Chihuahua suffers from this type of problem. Although there are different factors that could cause her as well (as I have mentioned earlier), finding the cause might be hard. But when the cause is determined, Chihuahua scratching problem will not matter after wards. Thus, proper tending is required to eliminate the said problem.

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