Chihuahua Growling

If you see your chihuahua growling, then there could be something behind that. Though growling, and other behaviors like jumping, snapping, biting are some of the common behaviors of a chihuahua, you can sometimes find it irritating when it comes to the more obsessive level. Finding out the root of your chi’s misbehavior is the first thing that you must do.

There are three different reasons why your chi growls. Some of these reasons are her fear towards something, boredom, or just to get your attention.

First, seeing your chihuahua growling may mean one thing. She is afraid. What could she be afraid of? There are many factors leading to this. One could be intimidation due to her being small. Another could be her weakness in terms of competition with other dogs.

Also, having encounters with new stimuli like the sound of a thunder, loud telephone or doorbell rings, roaring of large vehicles and horns, and many more. There are still many things which are considered threat for a small dog like the chihuahua. However, constant training and exposure to these stimuli can eventually make your chi overcome her fear and thus will let her live and go around the house with calmness.

Second reason for your chi’s growling is the stress of being left alone often. Especially if you are a career person, having a chihuahua at home can more or less make it difficult for her not to feel lonely and afraid.

The answer for this situation is to teach your chi how to stay alone in the house. Do not bid her goodbye or talk to her when you are about to leave the house in order for her to adapt to your regular coming and going. However, when you come home, call her attention, pet her, give her some treat, and take her to a walk. This helps her get away with boredom after a day of being alone.

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Chihuahua Growling

Lastly, listening to your chihuahua growling might mean that she wants to get attention from you. This could also mean that she wants something from you. She might want to eat or wants to play with you, or she may be sick, and some other things.

However, the main point here is to discover first what the reason is why your dog is growling. Then after that, give her the remedy. Give her something to eat, play with her, and attend to her when she is sick to simply stop her from growling.

But one thing that you must remember is to avoid spoiling her. Show her that she can’t be followed and that she can’t be given everything always. Never fail to let her feel that you are her master.

Of all the reasons that you know of a chihuahua growling, the most important thing there is to learn what she wants why she does the behavior. Dogs cannot talk. However, they can be understood.