Chihuahua Crying

You are probably one of those who blogged me about having problems with your baby Chihuahua crying. That is why to save you from the trouble of reading tons of forums and inquires online. I managed to make a list of the probable cause of why they cry so suddenly and often.

The very reason for this is to help you get over with your worries. So take your chance and maybe your problem might be one on the list below.

  • Like a human baby, they tend to cry, doing which is normal. Whenever they do cry, though it out. Make them sleep on their own just like you do with your child.
  • The crying at night may be because they don’t want to be alone in bed. And so if you like you can have them next to you in bed. But make sure you don’t run them over. That would be awful.
  • Another sleeping technique is that you place a piece of clothe that you own and place it in her crate. This will make her comfortable thinking that you are sleeping with her.
  • Take them out if necessary for them to socialize and meet other pets and people. This way you will eliminate her fear of being alone.
  • If she is capable enough to be in bed alone yet she cries every time you leave her. You need to tough it out. She will probably do this for the whole week. Just don’t get too emotional as well.
  • Divert her attention with a nice appetizing steak or meal (for Chihuahua that is 5 weeks old above).  Chihuahua crying could be diverted when you feed her.
  • Situate the kennel of your Chi near or inside your bed. A much as possible close enough that she can smell you and thinks you are near around at night.
  • Insert a clock in the blanket to where she sleeps. The clock resembles heartbeat and it would help her sleep well at tight.
  • Feed her with milk. Place the milk near her bed. Make sure that she will find it easily.

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Chihuahua Crying
Chihuahua crying is normal for the first weeks of your adoption. This is what you call adjusting period of your Chis.  Yet, unlike us humans they find it hard to cope with changes in environment. Too much loneliness might cause them illness and may lead to death. Assist your Chis and give her the care she is longing. At times ignoring her when she cries is hard. But it won’t help either if you pamper her when she does. It’s best to have her pampered the moment she stops crying, and give her exciting treats. Playing with her often is encouraged as well. Make your Chihuahua feel like at home to help her adjust and stabilized emotionally.