Chihuahua Chewing

Chihuahua ChewingYou don’t have to freak out when your cute and cuddly Chihuahua starts to barks and chew on your shoes and everything around. You might not like it, this behavior of theirs. But you just have to accept the fact that they behave this way. You love your big eye Chihuahua so much you don’t want to see them do such animalistic behavior. So cope up with it! Chihuahua chewing habit can be controlled, not entirely to make your Chis stop chewing. But to a disciplined manner and in such a way harming innocent neighbors will be avoided.

If you will study your pet more closely, during early birth, dogs will tend to relate and interact with other dogs and to their mother through barking. They normally react with curiosity in the form of biting and chewing things (because all they know is to eat during the first 5 weeks of their lives). Here are some further understandings of your Chihuahua’s “predator-prey” behavior and ways to attend to this and control them.

Whenever they try to smell you that indicate they smell something good to eat. Like when you offer your hand to be licked by them, you are actually giving them an impression that your hand is for dinner (dogs find human flesh’s scent tasty). Use chewing deterrent and spray it in your hands or feet or other parts of your body that they typically smell and licks you.

There are times your chi gets bored and start to wonder how your Havaianas slipper would taste like. Yes, they will try and chew anything and everything that they find interesting. A chew toy is the re-enforcement that you needed for this problem. Importantly do not lay a hand or on your Chihuahua or anything that would hurt them. This will give an impression of you as the bad guy and it follows that they won’t like what you will give them or teach them.

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Yelling your pet whenever he tries to bite is one way of sending the message “do not bite me”, giving him the impression that it is not cool to bite. Acting it out like you are the bitten puppy would give more drama to it and makes it even more effective.

Another is play tug-of-war with him. Play with a chewing toy with him in such manner that you will pull it against his teeth. Do it in such a way that he will know who’s the boss around ‘so that he won’t do much of chewing around. Most people might think it’s not such a good idea, thinking it will provoke their biting sensation. But the truth is these people are just saying this out of ignorance or of fear. But making them understand that it is just a technique to manipulate their chewing instincts.

Do not forbid your chis not to chew because Chihuahua chewing habits is their means of communicating to others and to their masters. All you need to do is communicate with them as well in a form of compassionate training and understanding and so you could control this habit.