Chihuahua Barking

Chihuahua BarkingDid you know that there are about 10 different types of sound that a Chihuahua can produce? This sounds are used to communicate and a means to express feelings of fear, anger, gratitude and sense of being defensive or offensive. But when Chihuahua barking becomes increasingly irrelevant, you should start considering factors that may lead your Chis to behave in such manner. This could be due a deteriorating relationship between you and your pet and this will worsen if left untreated.
Below are some important reminders and steps on understanding your Chihuahua barking problem. So that when you have a clear idea of what’s going, you will know the right action needed to be done.
Causes of barking:
  • The first thing to do to solve Chihuahua barking is to first analyze her needs, on what she’s barking about. This could be about her empty stomach, or discomfort with the location of the crate she is in, or maybe due to wanting to pee or poop (properly trained Chis would not litter anywhere and so they tend to demand the right place where they should dispose).
  • Another factor caused by Chihuahua barking might be due to foreign noise and strangers. Example is the loud speaker of your neighbor, or sudden alarm of your car or even a new scent that she first encounter and feel threaten with it.
  • Due to temperament personality of your Chi.
Intervention methods:
  • Use a verbal order like “stop!” indicating that it is okay or is not good to do such action. It is imperative to use only a single command for her to follow so that she will recognize it when you use it frequently.
  • The Use of water spray is encouraged when you Chihuahua barking becomes more frequent and tends to be aggressive.
  • Using a barker Breaker device if you would prefer to. This device creates a high frequency sound that effectively interrupts barking. This could be automatically activated when your Chi starts barking hard, or manually done by you.

Importantly, during Chihuahua barking, do not hurt your Chis while they do this. Divert their attention by doing the following tips of intervening the barking. Do not yet at them. it might make them bark even more.
Punishing is encouraged. Punish them while on the act and not after, so that she will get the point that what she does is not pleasing to you. And reward them with hand full of treats after they manage to follow your command.
Your Chihuahua is small but gifted with ample amount of energy as well. They are tedious to deal with. But with right approach and the equivalent amount of affection that you show to your Chis, they are fun and oozing with life to be with.