Chihuahua Aggressive

Do your little Chi doesn’t like strangers roaming around, or does she becomes aggressive at times even to you her master? Well, that’s one fact about Chis. They are hot tempered and hard to deal at times. They have the so called Big dog syndrome (small dogs acting like big ones). Wel, what do you think are the reasons making a Chihuahua aggressive? It would be great if you find yourself able to deal with your pet. But most of the time when they are behaving extremely odd and you should also know how to deal with them at those times as well.
By knowing what makes a Chihuahua aggressive most of the times or at times, will give us a hint probably on how to approach them. Your Chi may be small, but they are one of the three most aggressive breeds of dog, FYI. Here is some list of reasons why your Chihuahua becomes aggressive and what to do when that happens.

  1. Physical problems might occur somewhere in her. Any form of discomfort (hungry, thirsty, wanted to go outside, body pains like knee injury or tooth pain and etc.) she will outrageously exclaim on it. She’s like average spoiled brat, she makes sure you get the message and that she will do anything for you to know.
  2. Another reason that makes your Chihuahua aggressive is fear or pride. Basically dogs are territorial type of mammal and whenever they find a possible candidate and felt like “maybe this guy’s got something up his sleeves”, yeah she will get outrageous. A feeling pride at times when she gets mad at the sight of someone or other pets try to get involve with her master. To avoid this you have to train your Chi at young age to socialize with your friends other pets around. This will help when she gets a bit older.
  3. She also gets hot tempered during her labor of her puppies. She would literally perceive anything that goes near her kids to be a threat. It’s normal. You need to settle her to a more private place during these times. You must wait for her to recover and nurse her and her siblings along the way.
  4. At times your Chi wants to get some rest. If you wanted to play and see her resting, so don’t. That could make a Chihuahua aggressive as well. If you’d ask me I’ll be mad too if you do that.

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Chihuahua Aggression
Remember you don’t have to be aggressive as well this happens. By knowing the factors what makes a Chihuahua aggressive is beneficial. At times you need not to make unnecessary routines, listen and learn from what she is trying to tell and you’ll know then and there what she wants. Better yet, if things get out of hand a vet always comes in handy.