Chihuahua Aggression

Have you ever experienced being gnarled by a canine when entering your friend’s house? Or have you tried being howled by your own pet chihuahua? This behavior that you see in your chihuahua is called the chihuahua aggression.

There are several reasons why a chihuahua, as petite as it is, can be terribly horrifying when provoked or threatened. These causes can be due to its small size which makes your chihuahua fearful when it comes to different stimuli like other animals, people, or loud sounds. Another cause might be the presence of a stranger. This is because a chihuahua is known to be a “one-person” animal. Also, children can be another cause for your chihuahua’s misbehavior.

Because of your chi’s small body structure, she could always feel that fear for other animals (especially those bigger than them), people whom they have not met before, or other environmental stimuli like thunders, roar of a vehicle, doorbell, and the like.

Chihuahua aggression may also be caused of fear to be hacked or snatched of something that they consider as their resources. These factors make her express aggressiveness in order to defend herself.

However, there is something that you could in order to help your chihuahua overcome the fear which would lead her to growl and eventually bite or snap. One thing you can basically do is to train her and expose her to different new situations as often as possible.

Also, make her feel that you are her master and you are in control of everything. But be sure to make it friendly and treat-motivated just to give her time to adjust and adapt.

When faced with strangers, the first reaction that you could notice to your chi is her growling and barking behavior. This is because of fear again.

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Chihuahua AggressionRemember that your chi is a “one-person” animal. That means that her world revolves around you and that makes her think that other than you is already an enemy. The remedy for this is to ask your friend to ignore the behavior shown by your chi and firmly command her to keep quiet. This may take a longer time for her to learn, but still continue to remind her of this until she gets used to people entering and going out of your house.

Your chi’s fear to strangers has no difference with her fear towards children.  One possible reason for this chihuahua aggression is because children are most likely the harmful creatures for your chihuahua. It is because children are usually the ones that inflict pain to dogs or even other animals.

In fact, children don’t fully understand about them. One best thing you can do about this is to introduce children to your dog teaching them to pet your chi and give her a treat. This is what we call socialization training.

To sum it all, your chihuahua aggression can be easily handled. Just make yourself a firm master of your dog.