Chihuahua Problems

Chihuahua ProblemsWelcome to Chihuahua Problems, I’ve set this website up to help people with their Chihuahua obedience trainingproblems.
Every dog owner has their share of problems. Their dogs will dig, chew, scratch, whine or bark away whenever it is least convenient.
So, if you own a Chihuahua, problems are a very real possibility, especially if the dog is not properly taken care off. To help with each of these problems, here are some common issues and solutions:
The Chihuahua has somewhat of a reputation for barking too much; however any dog can be trained to bark only when appropriate.   Keep in mind that a dog does not bark just for the fun of it.  When your Chihuahua barks, he or she is attempting to tell you something.  They will bark to let you know they need to eliminate,  to let you know they would like some food and to warn you of what they may think is a danger.
However, you may find yourself with a Chihuahua who barks too much or barks at inappropriate times, such as very early in the morning or late at night.
A Chihuahua is a very smart dog breed and therefore, it is possible to train your dog to bark when necessary and to calm down at all other time
If your Chihuahua is biting a lot, there are many reasons why he may be acting this way; and most are very fixable!   It is important to know that a Chihuahua does not just bite for fun.  Your dog has a reason for biting that makes sense to them.   If you want to stop your Chihuahua from biting, you must first learn the cause.
The reason may be a simple and easy to fix reason such as teething when a puppy to more complicated issues such as Separation Anxiety.  However, no matter what is making your Chihuahua bite, you can reverse this dog biting behavior.

Separation Anxiety:
Many dog owners do not realize that their pet has separation anxiety. Sometimes the relationship between dog and owner crosses over to an obsession, which can actually go both ways. An owner’s attachment to her pet can fuel further separation anxiety in her dog. An anxious dog will:
  • Follow you the moment you get up and leave the room.
  • Appear disturbed or excited when you make preparations to go out.
  • Exhibit extreme behavior when you return home even after a short absence.
  • Not want to be left alone either indoors or outdoors.
While many of the above actions taken in isolation could just be simple displays of attachment to their owner, a dog with separation anxiety will display problem behavior when left alone at home.
A whining Chihuahua is quite common; it is a way for them to communicate with their owners and families. This is the same when they communicate with their mother, is they cold or need some attention, hungry or fear they might be left behind. Generally the mother gives her pup what they need. So it’s expected that your pup will communicate to you in the same way.
There is a way you can break your Chihuahua’s habit of whining. The best way to tackle this problem is by taking away their reason for whining and by refusing what they require when they whine.
If their needs are adequately met then their need to whine is eliminated.

Chihuahua problems are similar to most dog problems, but can grow exponentially if you are not careful to nip them in the bud early. Spend time with your dog, address common aggressive tendencies and build a relationship early so that your dog remains healthy and happy for the duration of his life.